Brief Introduction

Basic Information

Ramechhap District, a part of Janakpur Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia.The district, known as Kirat TeChhap, with Manthali as its district headquarters, covers an area of,546  and has a population (2011) of 202,646 and a density of 137.4 per km2. The district has the highest population of endangered native group Kusunda and has the lowest population growth rate in Nepal.
The district was named after Ramechhap village. The word Ramechhap comes from two Nepali words, Ram (person’s name) and Chhap (mark). According to folklore, the village of Ramechhap was once occupied by Tamang people. A Tamang of the village, Ram by name received mukhtiyari of the village by royal decree. So, the land ownership and other legal activities were performed in the village by the stamp (chhap) of Ram. Hence, the village was called Ramechhap.

Latitude and Longitude Information

Latitude: 27.35553556N

Longitude: 86.1344697E

Main Languge : Nepali,Tamang

Airport: Located at Manthali

Number of VDCs:45

Number of Municipalities:2

Distance From Kathmandu: 127 kms

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